YESS Programs

YESS programs support youth by building social emotional learning skills, post-secondary readiness, and by building inclusive learning environments.

School Engagement & Peer Mentoring Programs

YESS Academy Classroom Model

YESS Institute partners with schools to provide social emotional learning, peer mentoring, and academic supports for students.

Road to Success

Road to Success (RtS) is a multi-year, 880-page social emotional learning curriculum for grades 6-12. RtS is informed by CASEL competencies and can be delivered both in-person and virtually.

Peer Leadership

The YESS Classroom utilizes a culturally responsive peer-to-peer mentoring model based on MENTOR’s Elements of Effective Practice for Mentoring and YESS’s 9 Key Components of YESS Mentoring.

Healthy Lifestyles Courses

Substance Misuse Awareness & Education

Our engaging Substance Misuse Awareness / Addiction curricula are designed to educate middle and high school students about substance use and misuse issues they are (or will be) confronting, and equip them with the tools they need to address these challenges and make healthy choices – for themselves.

Workshops & Community

YESS Leadership Training

Influencing communities starts from within, with introspection and deep emotional intelligence. Since its inception, YESS has trained 5,000+ mentors, teachers, parents, nonprofit teams, police officers, and other community leaders to develop these skills. Our teaching style is Socratic with a focus on allowing participants to learn from peers.

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