YESS at West Leadership Academy

Week 6: Miscommunication, Code Switching, & A Day without Immigrants Protest

The week was riddled with interesting events. On Monday the students were introduced to the Miscommunication lessons. The students dissected this information and discussed how miscommunication can throw off any relationship. We expanded this with what we had learned the week before with the Seven Deadly Habits of Speaking. By discussing the 7 Deadly Habits in this context students perceived how this may be impacting their relationships. We spent Monday and Tuesday tacking this information.

On Wednesday the students began to discuss the new lessons based off of code switching. They noticed that how code-switching effects society. Empathy, or the lack of, affects the decisions law makers and persons with authority view and work with people that use English as a second language or how they view persons in our society that speak with ebonics and must learn to code-switch to move up in societal ranks.

Thursday many students did not show up to school. They were protesting or working in solidarity with the movement, “A Day Without Immigrants.” The argument revolved around the need to show that this country is truly a country of immigrants. Those that wish to attack a group of people, especially without knowing that community, is someone that lacks empathy or compassion. About 75% of students did not show up to school.