YESS Mentor Leaders

Mentor Leaders at North, West and Lincoln High Schools 

The lead mentor facilitates and supports the YESS Mentoring group by coordinating and managing the mentors and by helping to facilitate the activities of the group. The lead mentor is the example mentor and is the face of YESS Mentoring in the school. He/She is responsible in supporting the Program Manager each week in order to build momentum and structure within the group.  The mentor leader is the essential component of the mentorship aspect of YESS mentoring; the leader will hold all of the mentors accountable and be in charge of keeping the group stable and consistent. The overall goal is to lead and manage the mentors and assist the Program Manager with weekly program needs.

2015-16 Mentor Leaders

North High School 

Aaliyah Brown

Adrian Perez

Jasmine Chavez

Justina Garcia

West Leadership Academy

Alonzo Cruz

Dulce Vega

Abraham Lincoln High School

Alexandra Rivera

Leslie Marquez