YESS College and Career Corner

It’s Essay Time!

Hey, Juniors! You’ve done an amazing job so far of working on your YESS College Research sheets. They are filling up with great info about post-secondary programs you are interested in and ALL of the scholarships you are eligible to receive. Well done!
Now it’s time to take the NEXT STEP! The majority of college and scholarship applications require an essay or two. We’ll start on those NOW so that you go into your Senior Year with a solid groundwork! Sure, you’ll have to edit and update these essays. But you’ll have a step ahead when you walk in for your Senior Year in 5 short months!

A great place to start is with the Common Application Essay Prompts. Review the questions below. We’ll work on answers to each of these prompts. Trust me, these will ALL be valuable to you next year as you apply for various programs and scholarships!

Once you’ve read over the prompts below, please email me and let me know which one you will BEGIN working on this week! Check out this post for some tips!