Spring: Week 5- Unit 4: Improving Communication & Conferences

This week the students and I began Unit 4: Building Healthy Relationships. The week began with students discussing who their tribes are. This is an extension of a lesson that was covered in Unit 1. In the preceding lesson students built mind-maps of their varying communities/tribes. These communities included the people in their communities that they felt they could rely upon if needed.

In this lesson students reflected upon just a small handful of people within these communities. They then analyzed these people and certain situations so that they can reflect whether some of the actions the that these people make are healthy or unhealthy. They expanded these thoughts by reading an article that discussed how one should go about building one’s community. They answered questions relating to the article accordingly.

The next lesson revolved around discussing what communication really is. We discussed how many times during a conversation people tend to “sell” ideas. An example we came up with in class is how one student may be off task and then drags other students into the off task behavior. This is conceptually a way that people sell you something. And if you contribute to the action, then you have bought into the idea.

We continued by discussing how verbal and non-verbal communication both play a role in getting ideas across. Then we watched a TED talk video that dove deeper into the “sins” of communication. The students wrote examples of these behaviors onto posters. And they wrote examples of the positive ways a person can contribute to communication.

Conferences were also being held this week. Wed and Thursday evening the students and parents came in to discuss the child’s progress. Unfortunately, this is where we see that those students that are most involved and have the parents that are most aware of their child behavior come in to learn about the child’s progress. One day I hope that this process improves.