YESS at West Leadership Academy

West Leadership Weekly Round Up: January 16th-19th

We had another fast and fun week here at West Leadership Academy!
Monday was Martin Luther King Jr. Day so students did not have school. On Tuesday we started our week focusing on tutoring and setting academic goals. Most students did not have grades listed quite yet so we decided to discuss some major topics that they mentioned they were interested the week prior during our community building exercise. Most of our conversations circled around college, GPA, ACT and SAT, and what a general timeline would look like. The students had some really great questions and continued the conversations both after class and during the week.
On Wednesday and Thursday, the class focused on reviewing Hot Buttons once more and then moved into the topic of EmoTrolls. Students were introduced to the various types of EmoTrolls and what behaviors they may act out and the potential consequences of those behaviors. Students were very interested in this topic and seemed to enjoy reflecting on both how they and their spheres of influence behave.
On Friday we wrapped up the week playing community building games and Emily came by to work with our upperclassmen. Students rotated through three stations where we played 21 questions, Pictionary, and Would You Rather. Additionally, students participated in a Fishbowl discussion where they listed one item they’d like to talk about that relates to the content from class and one item they’d like to talk about that relates to either them directly or the world around them. The varying nature of the topics was really fascinating and I’m looking forward to continuing these conversations throughout the semester on Fridays.

Next week will be another busy one as we will pick up our conversations on EmoTrolls and Bullying as well as have our first Mentoring Monday of the semester! Stay tuned!