YESS at West Leadership Academy

Quarter 4 Week 6: Hot Buttons and Triggers

The end of the year is upon us and there is so much to be taken care. Students are restless, but most are pushing through to the end of the school year. This week students began to set up an end of year portfolio for YESS. They are catching up with much of the work they still need to complete from all their classes, including mine.

Although the majority of what needed covered from Belief Systems lessons are completed, we are bridging the ideas from these lessons by working through Hot Buttons and Cool Buttons. They students noted the difference and quickly went to work in identifying some their hot buttons and trying to find the words necessary to turn them into cool buttons. This is really where all this work YESS does leads to. How does anyone take the situation at hand which has triggered us negatively, and process this information to cool down….. essentially hit the “Cool Button” rather than react to a “Hot Button.”

One student discussed one of the things that make her angry/stressed. She declared that she is an introvert. Because she doesn’t speak with everyone she gets stressed out because other students or people expect her to say something or judge her for not contributing as much as she could. This triggers her and her Hot Button is feeling disregarded. Why she feels this way? She keeps her closest friends really close and what she shares with the world depends on how comfortable she feels with others. The consequence to her is that she doesn’t want to go out anymore or socialize with many people. She creates the self-fulfilling prophesy of not being good enough and perpetuates the same cycle she is trying to avoid.

The Cool Button…. we discussed this as a group. In order for her to stop this cycle the students recognized that she needs to get out of her comfort zone. If she feels disregarded, she must take actions that will make her become “regarded.” This essentially is talk more, acknowledge others to receive acknowledgement, smile more often, find ways to recognize others… etc

This will finally lead us into discussing EmoTrolls and EmoSuperheroes! Let’s see how the last two weeks evolve 🙂