YESS at Shaw Heights

YESS at Shaw Heights

Love Thyself

Brainstorming about LOVE!

This past week we transitioned from speaking about stress to a discussion centered around self-love. We were excited to try a new lesson from the newest YESS curriculum entitled, “Love Thyself.” This lesson fit in perfectly with our talks last week about the power of visualization and positive affirmations when needing to combat stress and overcome obstacles in life. We also finalized the slide show for our mentors in anticipation of our End of Year Celebration this Wednesday, May 17th at 6:30 at Westy High School. Several of our mentors have been selected to speak on Wednesday, and while they are certainly nervous, the pride is undeniable. We ended our week by visiting the Glow Show art installation on Friday and by playing some games together. Our mentors and mentees cannot wait for the celebration on Wednesday!

Student artwork depicting violence and nonviolence.
Tyler Parks did a wonderful job with his illustrations.

Our mentors and mentees really enjoyed doing the two day lesson on self-love. We watched two short videos, including a TedX talk on radical self-love. So many of our scholars suffer from self-doubt and anxiety as they navigate the transition from childhood into their teenage years, and this lesson really impacted them. They all noted that one comment in particular stuck with them after the Ted talk had finished: “If you were to talk to your friends the way you talk to yourself in your head, would they still want to be friends with you?”