YESS at Ranum

YESS at Ranum

Hello and welcome back to the Weekly Ranum!

On mentor Monday I had the mentors create a TRUST acronym for them and their mentees. They were also in charge of rating on a scale of 1-10 how much they trust their mentee and how much they believe their mentee trusts them. They had to explain why and give examples of why they chose their respective rating number.

Tutoring Tuesday focused on getting students caught up in all their classes. We just had conferences so students were pretty aware of what they were missing and what they needed to work on.

On Wednesday, students finished up their trust bridges. It was fun to see all their creative projects and their hard work paying off. They were all very proud of their bridges.

Thursday, we talked about the difference between a ritual and a routine. Most students were aware of their routines but rituals was harder to conceptualize and apply to their current lives. They enjoyed putting a why to their routines and how it made them feel. Some students were honest about zoning out being on their phones or watching TV and put in some action steps towards not wasting so much time doing those activities.

No Fun Friday was Halloween Charades. Some funny examples were Frankenstein mowing the lawn, a witch getting her hair done and a zombie going through a McDonald’s drive thru. Students loved it and everyone ended up participating.