YESS at Ranum Middle School

YESS at Ranum Middle School


Our motto this past week was Attitude of Gratitude. With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, I knew giving thanks and being grateful was much needed and an excellent addition to the YESS curriculum.

Mentoring Monday and Tutoring Tuesday went well. We’re still talking about leaders on Monday and students were focused on catching up on missing work on Tuesday.

On Wednesday we created huge lists of everything that we are thankful for. Ranging from friends and family, all the way to the roof over our heads and being able to have possessions. On Thursday we used this list to create giant THANKSgiving Turkey’s. Students picked the top 3 things they were most thankful for and those were the feathers. Inside the turkey, students explained WHY they were thankful for these things in their lives. These students did an excellent job of self-reflection and being grateful for the things they have.
On Friday we finished up the Turkey’s and watched Charlie Brown Thanksgiving to cap off a great week of Attitude of Gratitude!

Have a great Thanksgiving break and enjoy this time with family and friends!