YESS at Ranum Middle School

YESS at Ranum Middle School

This past week we finished our Mentoring in the Community projects on Monday. Most of the posters were well thought out and all were definitely creative and colorful.

Tutoring Tuesday allowed students the opportunity to catch up on some missing assignments they had in other classes. Students were focused and glad to have this extra time to work.

On Wednesday we had a team builder that challenged students to create the longest paper chain possible. Good communication skills were needed to follow directions and come up with the most efficient chain building method.

Thursday was the big day students have been waiting for, speed matching. Speed matching gives mentors and mentees the chance to meet and talk one on one and asking as many questions as possible to see if they are potentially good fits to work together for the entire year.

Friday I was out but students were responsible for coming up with their top 3 choices for mentors or mentees for the year. The better the reason, the better the chance you have of matching with them.

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