YESS at North

On Monday in our YESS class we started the topic about bullying.  I had warned students previously that this could become a tough topic to talk about depending on our experience with bullying.  Students spent some time thinking about what bullying looks like.  Students had to put examples of bullying into 4 different categories of bullying.  We then watched a video that the mentor leaders had picked out about bullying and about being someone who stands up for someone being bullied.  After the video, the mentor leaders led a discussion around the video.

Tuesday seniors were pulled out to work with our college navigator.  With the remaining students we watched a powerful TED Talk about the bullying.  I loved this video because it was suggested by a mentor as being one that made an impact on him.  After the video students shared what connected to them about this video and what the speaker shared.

Wednesday/Thursday were our mentor/mentee work days, grade and attendance check.  These days have proved to be very useful as two students who struggled last semester were doing much better this semester.  They were so glad we started these checks earlier in the year before they dug themselves a huge hole.

Friday to wind down our week I allowed students to play team building games or catch up on work.  Many students feeling like they could improve their grades chose to use the time to make up work in other classes.