YESS at North High School

YESS at North High School

Friday, February 24, 2017

2/20/17- 2/24/17

This week was a short week at North. Students participated in a career day, and students were also given a day to make up work in classes that they had a D or less in. In between these days students focused on their personal anger. Students were to identify what is anger, what triggers their anger, and how does knowing what their triggers are be helpful in future situations.

In this lesson students discussed what their anger looks like, and how they feel when this emotion takes over. Students shared their different experiences with anger, as well as shared ideas on how they can take control of the situation.

This week we also started a discussion on accountability.  We discussed how we can be accountable for our actions and ourselves. Students shared times it is harder to be accountable and why some times it is harder to take accountability. Overall this week was a great week of reflection and building on our self-awareness.