YESS at North High School

YESS at North High School

Nov. 6th

We had another great week diving into our Unit of Healthy Relationships this past week.  Monday, we talked about gratitude and what that word means to use.  We spent some time talking about how we cultivate an attitude of gratitude.  Students then started a journal entry around what they are grateful for.  I will be having students write something they are grateful for weekly.

Tuesday we started our lesson around Apple Pie.  Students shared what kind of ingredients go into an apple pie and we talked about if you had to much of one ingredient that would affect the pie.  Then we related it back to relationships, as in a whole pie eater, a pie crumb eater, and a balanced pie eater.  Students thought of examples for each of these by analyzing who they tend to be in a relationship.

Wednesday/Thursday we had our weekly mentor/mentee check in and work day.  Below our two pictures from students working with their mentor/mentee.

Friday we finished our apple pie lesson.  Students had to think of examples in groups of a whole pie eater, a pie crumb, and a balanced pie.  Many students shared that it’s hard for them to think of what a balanced pie looks like so we looked into that as well.  We had a healthy discussion around boundaries in a relationship because many students felt like what they think is healthy could very well be unhealthy.