YESS at North High School

YESS at North High School

March 20th- March 27th

With one week until spring break the students in YESS mentoring at North are powering through their homework days and turning in work for their core classes. Not only are students focusing on getting their grades up, but Seniors are giving words of encouragement on finishing the semester strong, and how important grades and GPA really are.

On Monday March 20th, mentor leaders did a college lesson with Emily, YESS college navigator.  In 6th period  Saul, mentor talked about how he has changed from 9th grade till now, and what his motivation for finishing the school year strong is. Saul said, “I kind of felt like I didn’t care anymore because of all the pressure that was put on me this year.” He went on to talk about how stressful it was to take multiple AP classes, apply for scholarships, and apply to colleges. He then told the whole class that the only reason he is trying is because he wants to be a great example for his mentee.

Also, this week we had parent teacher conferences. Many of the counselors directed parents to the YESS table to talk about the program and how their student can join for next school year.

We will finish off the week talking about how we can love ourselves.  We will do a lesson called “Love thy self.” Students will talk about what they do to take care of themselves, as well as what do they associate the word love with.  When we return from spring break we will continue to talk about self-care.

On another note, Mentor Leader Guadalupe Tarango- Garcia has been accepted into Colorado College on a full ride scholarship, as well as accepted into Cornell, and was awarded the Daniel’s Fund this week! Congratulations Lupe!