YESS at Adams City High School

Monday, December 18, 2017

Fear & Negativity in the Face of Finals!

Finals week is currently upon us!!! My students have been stressing and cracking down on their schoolwork over the past two weeks, but amidst all of the looming finals anxiety, we managed to have fruitful discussions regarding both Fear and Negativity Bias.

After watching inside out, we talked about the Fear emotion and the good and bad things about this emotion’s role in our lives. It can help keep us safe from dangerous situations while, on the flip side, also keeping us from living our best lives outside of our comfort zones. We discussed the role of anxiety and how this related to our own Negativity Biases – Finals week came into the topic of discussion for most of my classes.

The second half of the week we performed grade checks and my Mentor Leader’s checked in with everyone regarding their GPA stance going into next week. As a class we reviewed study techniques and I handed out flashcards to the students who needed them. This week I am offering up my office to all of my seniors during my planning periods, often times the study time given in study hall, lunch room, and in other classrooms are extremely rambunctious so if they needed a quiet space to focus, I have their back! Our school is also sending out Eagle Care Packages to our seniors from the teachers so I chose a few of my extra stressed seniors to receive some snacks and study prep materials to make this week a little less stressful. Wish my YESS students luck this week!

See you next year,
Ms. Castro