Over the last ten years, YESS Institute has trained 3,000 adult role models in a variety of settings. The focus of all trainings is to enhance the participants emotional intelligence.

To build trust as a foundation to the relationship between the adult role model and they youth is of course essential. But how to do so? What happens in conflict and the consequential behavior that could breach the trust? What when "hot buttons" inside are derailing every rational thought and emotions take over? How to confront in an effective way and how does one deal with all those unspoken agreements that are not working for the relationship?  

These are just some topics that our trainings address. Our curriculum uses a lot of  metaphors to simplify complex emotional, behavioral issues.

Testimonial by Big Brothers Big Sisters in El Paso, TX

Carlo deftly weaves solid, scientifically-proven stats and information in with his sometimes silly, but always impactful metaphors…i.e. 'The Apple Pie Theory' or 'The Belly Button' for anyone familiar with his material. From our experience with Carlo, he’s perfectly able to tailor his message to suit his audience and their needs. His innate understanding of people, drawn both from his personal life experiences and an impressive educational background, provide him the unique ability to give the audience the information they need while steering clear of the haughty professor vibe. No matter the topic, Carlo has a way of keeping it completely personable and relatable.


9 key components

9 Key Components Audio Course

Do You Want To Learn How To Run A Successful Peer Mentoring Program?   Dear Peer Mentoring Colleague:    We believe that we can help you in your search for peer mentoring evidence-based practices.     Since 2003, YESS Institute has led over 30 multi-year peer mentoring programs in Metro Denver school districts serving thousands …

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Youth Leaders

The YESS Institute also provides youth leadership trainings.  For example: We can customize trainings for your youth leaders based on our curriculum and the needs of your agency. Past youth trainings have been "Mentoring 101," "Burn-out Free Mentoring," and "How to Build Trust and Set Boundaries." We can strengthen the leadership skills of your mentors …

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Adult Mentors

The YESS Institute provides extensive training for adults and the agencies they work with. We can build trainings for adult mentors who are working with youth. In the past, we have provided trainings for the YMC (Youth Mentoring Collaborative) and Big Brothers Big Sisters We specialize in fostering relationships between youth and adults. Contact …

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Louis, Tabitha, Omar, Sara DU Tour

Staff Leadership

YESS Institute trainings are a great way to create cohesion and unity within your staff. YESS believes that any great agency or organization can only grow with developed leadership abilities We can create leadership trainings for organizations desiring to strengthen the leadership skills of their staff Contact us at to inquire about specific leadership …

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Consulting and Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching  Co-founder Kriekels has been providing executive coaching since 1998. He started as a coach at the People Development Center in the heart of the international expat community of Brussels. As the co-founder of the YESS Institute, he has coached non profit executives and leadership teams.  The philosophy of the YESS Institute's coaching goes …

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