This is Why We Do What We Do

This is Why We Do What We Do

These months are among the most joyous of the year in our world of education.

Why do we do what we do? Bleeding hearts, social justice, equity, second chances, not giving up on young lives…

All the despair during dark winter months with struggling, rebelling students who don’t seem to make any progress, is wiped away by the month of May.

“I did get the necessary credits to move to the next grade”, “I am walking across the stage with my graduating class” and “I will be the first one in my family to pursue a degree beyond high school.”

Schools radiate a sense of optimism. Everyone forgets about the struggle of the process and senses the brightness of the future.

At this moment we must capture, bottle and save the achievement and success. We will need it as the juice powering us through the long uphill battle of next school year.

It charges our batteries, fills our love cup, and has us face the next year with the attitude: Bring it on!

Teachers, para professionals, counselors, YESS program manager, peer mentors,…you are stars. You are appreciated for changing the lives of students!

-Carlo Kriekels, YESS Co-Founder and Executive Director