The YESS Institute at Scott Carpenter Middle School

The YESS Institute at Scott Carpenter Middle School

Monday, April 17, 2017

April 10th – 14th

The scholars really felt the stress of PARCC testing this week, but I was pleased to hear them speak of various strategies they used. Many students cited thinking maps, as well as the PEAL process as being useful in managing their thoughts.

In class, we kept things light by creating black-out poems. On Tuesday, we watched a video by Austin Kleon to introduce the topic of “steal[ing] like an artist.” You can view his talk by clicking here. We discussed how we can repurpose words to create new works of art and how we expose our inner selves by selecting some words over others. Take a look at some of the kids’ efforts below and you’ll be as impressed with their depth as I was! Many students revealed their fears and even successes in this project and, like usual, I was impressed by the depth of character revealed in their work.

“Stared at blue eyes, feeling safe, warm, and loved, he felt lost, feelings mixed up. He was ignored and he became angry.”