North High School

North High School

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Jan 15th- Jan 20th

 This week was a fun week full of learning. This week students came back ready to reflect on the work of Martin Luther King as well as how today many people are still fighting against social injustices. We looked at how musicians use their fame as a platform to talk about real issues. For example Billy Holiday’s “Strange Fruit,” Buffalo Springfield’s “For What it’s Worth,” Then we looked at music today, for example J Cole’s “Be Free” song, which is about the Black Lives Matter movement. Students were to reflect on issues that are important to them and write a song about it. Many students wrote about gentrification in their neighborhoods, racism, wealth inequality, police brutality, and how they can be a catalyst for social change. We talked about how their voice and leadership is needed and how it starts in the classroom!

Also this week we began to talk about healthy relationships which is the Unit we will be working on for now. We talked about miscommunication, code-switching, and we had fun doing some team-building by playing charades and “stand up if.”

Overall, this was a great week here at North.