North Blog

February 13th, 2017- February 17th, 2017

This week mentor leaders continued to recruit mentors for the 2017-2018 school year. Mentor leaders are doing a great job of advocating for the program and telling the rest of North what a great program and opportunity it will be to be apart of YESS next school year.
As of today, we have 30 potential mentors for next school year. We are hoping to recruit around 60 mentors before spring break. The mentees will be identified by teachers and counselors.

Also this week students continued to reflect on peaceful conflict resolutions as well as worked on missing assignments for other classes  classes. The last lesson we did this week was called “Belief Systems.” Students were to reflect on what they think about themselves and how they think others perceive them. Some students said that they felt like they were a failure because they never turn in their assignments for class. We talked about the quote that came with the lesson which said, “What you believe, you are.” We discussed that if you think badly about yourself or feel like you are a failure, it will affect your work. We discussed ways we can love our selves by telling ourselves things like, “you can do it.” We made a goal of doing daily affirmations to ourselves, and if we forget we can think about what great thing happened that day; for example, getting to class on time, or maybe talking to a teacher about a missing assignment.  Overall, this was a great week full of recruiting, self reflection, problem solving, and developing new beliefs about ourselves.