YESS College and Career Corner

Hey, Juniors! Are you ready to STAND OUT as a college applicant?!

Now that you are ALMOST Seniors, it’s time to make a college application prep plan for your SUMMER! Remember our conversations with your current Senior classmates…They expressed wishing they’d done some prep work for Senior fall during the summer after their Junior Year. It really is a part-time job. Consider spending a few hours a week on your college research and preparation.Here are some ideas of what to work on!

1) Complete a Letter of Recommendation for yourself! Highlight skills and activities that truly reflect your abilities and interests. Your teachers/counselors will be SO impressed with your extra effort when you ask for Letters of Recommendation for college and scholarship applications. Share your Letter with them to help them out.  Here are some tips on how to ask for a Letter of Recommendation when the time comes!

2) Create or update your resume! Summer can be a great time to add some volunteer work in addition to your paid summer job. Just a few hours a week goes a long way!

3) Put in a few hours a week looking for MORE scholarships to add to your College Research Spreadsheet! Add deadlines to your calendars with reminders in advance of these due dates!

4) Complete at least 2 essays for the Common Application Essay Prompts.Remember, even if you are NOT using the Common App, these essay questions will be applicable to other application questions for schools and scholarships. Be sure to save them in your google drive with clear file names. Share them with if you want feedback!

5) If you are not happy with your SAT score, there are plenty of resources that will allow you to improve your skills. Don’t forget to sign up for the SAT in the fall if you choose to retake it!

(If you haven’t started your College Research Spreadsheet, here’s the link again! Be sure to follow the directions for COPYING and saving as your own file.)

As always, let me know if you have any questions!