The YESS Institute at Shaw Heights Middle School

The YESS Institute at Shaw Heights Middle School

Monday, April 17, 2017

PARCC Testing & College Knowledge

Andres does a “trust fall” during 3rd hour.

This past week marked the start of PARCC state testing for our scholars at Shaw Heights. We had testing Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday (for select groups). Testing went from the first bell until about 11:30, which has made for quite the long week for our YESS mentors and mentees. We spent the short week discussing our new unit, “The Future,” in the context of college. On Friday, our mentors lead class and conducted several team builders for the mentees.

5th hour waiting to start the “trust fall” activity.

So many of our scholars began getting stressed last week in lieu of the testing. Several even told me that they fell asleep during the test as they were so worried about it that they cannot even sleep well. We are trying to combat the high level of anxiety by doing team builders and by openly discussing how we are feeling and what habits we are incorporating into our routines.